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Emerging Buzzer

Hook: Emerger hook, size 12-18
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, tan
Abdomen: Hare's ear, shorter hairs
Rib; Mylar tinsel, holo-silver
Thorax: Hare's ear, longer hairs
Suspender: Polystyrene ball in stockings


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Step 1
Emerging Buzzer - Step 1

Mount a hook in the vise.


Step 2
Emerging Buzzer - Step 2

Cover the thorax area with thread.


Step 3
Emerging Buzzer - Step 3

Take a polystyrene ball. It also works with a piece of fly-tying foam (rounded for small hook - double for larger hook). The bag is made by a piece of regular nylon stockings. Take from the wife even if you already have your own. It's better that she knows you have, their purpose and that they came from her than that she happen to see the fly-box and start wondering why you already had some... without her knowing about it. (Hmmmmmmm...)


Step 4
Emerging Buzzer - Step 4

Fold the stocking piece to a little bag around the ball and stretch it.


Step 5
Emerging Buzzer - Step 5

Tie it onto the hook and use a bit of the excess to build upp an underbody for the thorax.


Step 6
Emerging Buzzer - Step 6

Cut the last excess of the stocking and cover the rest of the hook with thread.


Step 7
Emerging Buzzer - Step 7

Tie in a piece of fine flat tinsel.


Step 8
Emerging Buzzer - Step 8

Dub the thread sparsely with hare's ear that's been cut a little shorter.


Step 9
Emerging Buzzer - Step 9

Wrap the dubbed thread up to the start of the thorax and stop there.


Step 10
Emerging Buzzer - Step 10

Rib the body with the tinsel, counter clockwise to secure the dubbing, and tie it down at the start of the thorax. Make the wraps rather tight.


Step 11
Emerging Buzzer - Step 11

Dub the thread with hare's ear again, a little longer hairs this time.


Step 12
Emerging Buzzer - Step 12

Wrap the dubbed thread to the suspender.


Step 13
Emerging Buzzer - Step 13

Make a whip-finish behind the hook eye.


Step 14
Emerging Buzzer - Step 14

Finish the fly by picking out a little dubbing here and there between the tinsel wraps and some from the thorax for legs.



A simple fly that doesn't require lots of materials. Hare, tinsel, something floating and ladies underwear... stuff that we all have lying around somewhere.



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