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Zebra Midge

Hook: Scud or buzzer, #14-22
Weight: Nickel bead
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, black
Body: Tying thread or floss, black
Rib: Silver wire, fine


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Step 1
Zebra Midge - Step 1

Slide a bead onto the hook and mount it in the vise.


Step 2
Zebra Midge - Step 2

Tie in the thread.


Step 3
Zebra Midge - Step 3
Tie in the silver wire and start looking at the hook in thirds. Cover 1/3 with thread.


Step 4
Zebra Midge - Step 4

Wrap the thread back up to the bead.


Step 5
Zebra Midge - Step 5

Wrap the thread down to the next point...


Step 6
Zebra Midge - Step 6

... and wrap it back up again.


Step 7
Zebra Midge - Step 7

Wrap it down to the last point...


Step 8
Zebra Midge - Step 8

... and wrap it back up again. (Getting bored soon?)


Step 9
Zebra Midge - Step 9

One more time. Uptil now, we have mainly been building. Flatten the thread completely for this last time by spinning the bobbin counter clockwise. Then wrap it all the way down and back up again. Stop a little now and then to flatten the thread again.


Step 10
Zebra Midge - Step 10

Spiral wrap the wire over the body. Tie it in behind the bead and cut the waste.


Step 11
Zebra Midge - Step 11

Build up a thread "cone" behind the bead.


Step 12
Zebra Midge - Step 12

Make a whip finish behind the bead.



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