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Originator: Lennart Bergqvist

Hook: Dry fly, #12-20
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, black
Abdomen: Fly-Rite dubbing, yellow
Thorax: Fly-Rite dubbing, black
Hackle: Rooster, grizzly


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Step 1
Superpuppan - Step 1

Mount a hook in the vise.


Step 2
Superpuppan - Step 2

Tie in the thread and wrap it down to the hook bend.


Step 3
Superpuppan - Step 3

Tie in the hackle with the dull side up.


Step 4
Superpuppan - Step 4

Dub the thread with the yellow dubbing. Note that the thread is hanging a couple of millimetres in front of the hackle. The first couple of turns will be wrapped backwards and secure the dubbing better before continuing with forward wraps.


Step 5
Superpuppan - Step 5

Wrap the dubbing back to the hackle, turn around and wrap it forward to about 3/5 of the body length.


Step 6
Superpuppan - Step 6

Dub the thread with black dubbing.


Step 7
Superpuppan - Step 7

Wrap the dubbing forward to a point a couple of millimetres behind the hook eye.


Step 8
Superpuppan - Step 8

Wrap the hackle forward in even turns. Tie it down by the hook eye and cut the excess. Make a whip-finish and cut the thread. Now we've got ourselves a Boston Bruins version of the Griffith's Gnat, but we're going to change that.


Step 9
Superpuppan - Step 9

Cut the hackle barbs on top of the hook. Be careful so that the side barbs don't slip into the scissors.


Step 10
Superpuppan - Step 10

Turn the fly around and cut the barbs under it the same way.



The definition of a good fly: Effective fishing fly, easy and quick to tie and not requiring a wide range of materials. Superpuppan in a nut shell.
Vary the colors on this one. Other popular color combinations are green/brown, grey/brown and red/olive... just to mention a few of them.



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