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Originator: Hans van Klinken

Hook: Kamasan B100, #10-16
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, to match body
Abdomen: Fly-Rite Dubbing, March Brown
Thorax: Peacock herl
Wing: Poly yarn, white
Hackle: Rooster, brown


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Step 1
Klinkhammer - Step 1

Mount a hook in the vise.


Step 2
Klinkhammer - Step 2

Tie in the thread and cover the thorax area. Ignore the fact that this thread is black... my mistake. Chose a color that matches the dubbing you're planning to use for the abdomen.


Step 3
Klinkhammer - Step 3

Tie in a piece of poly yarn, perpendicular to the hook shank, with a couple of figure-8 wraps.


Step 4
Klinkhammer - Step 4

Before securing it with more and tighter wraps, twist it around the hook so it ends up under it.


Step 5
Klinkhammer - Step 5

Make another couple of figure-8 wraps to secure the wing better and fold then up the ends and post them together on top of the hook. Wrap the thread down the hook to the point you want the abdomen to start.


Step 6
Klinkhammer - Step 6

This is why you want a thread matching the dubbing. It's going to be dubbed quite sparsely. My black thread isn't invisible in there.


Step 7
Klinkhammer - Step 7

Wrap the dubbing up to where the thorax is supposed to start.


Step 8
Klinkhammer - Step 8

Prepare a tie-in point of the hackle by cleaning the side you want against the post and cutting down the barbs on the other. When it's tied in, these "stubs" will prevent it from slipping. Tie in the hackle feather and tie it down up along the post.


Step 9
Klinkhammer - Step 9

Tie in 3-5 peacock herls at the back of the thorax area.


Step 10
Klinkhammer - Step 10

Wrap the herls together with the thread and make your thorax. Tie the herls to the post and cut the waste.


Step 11
Klinkhammer - Step 11

Make a few wraps up and down the post to give a good base for the hackle wrapping coming up. Leave the thread hanging in front of the wing and on the near side of the hook.


Step 12
Klinkhammer - Step 12

Wrap the hackle clokwise down the post. Tie it to the post with a couple of clockwise thread wraps. A couple of thread wraps through the hackle will not hurt. Wiggle it up and down to avoid tying down too many hackle barbs.


Step 13
Klinkhammer - Step 13

Cut the waste of the hackle feather.


Step 14
Klinkhammer - Step 14

While you have the scissors in your hand, why not cut the wing to desired height too...


Step 15
Klinkhammer - Step 15

Take out the bottle of head cement and open it. Then make a 2-turns whip-finish around the wing post... but do not tighten the knot yet.


Step 16
Klinkhammer - Step 16

Slowly tighten the knot and when there's just a little bit left of the loop, take your bodkin and apply a little head cement to the thread... just before you finish off and remove the whip-finisher. Cut the thread and wipe off the scissor tips, the bodkin and the hook on the whipfinisher.



... and ready to be fished.


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