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CDC Creative Pupa
Originator: Torill Kolbu

Hook: Kamasan B100, #12-14
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, gray
Tail: Wool yarn, red
Abdomen (top): Antron yarn, dark green
Abdomen (bottom): Antron yarn, amber
Legs: CDC, blue dun
Thorax: Fly-Rite, dark gray


(Full-size pictures on click.)

Step 1
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 1

Mount a hook in the vise, tie in the thread and wrap it down to the hook bend.


Step 2
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 2

Tie down a piece of wool yarn to the entire abdomen part.


Step 3
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 3

Trim the tail and cut the waste.


Step 4
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 4

Prepare two 4-5" pieces of antron by pulling some fibres from it to get them a little bit thinner (to about 2/3 or 3/4 the thickness from the spool). Tie in the darker color on the far side of the hook and the lighter color on the near side.


Step 5
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 5

Tie down the pieces to start of the tail, cut the waste and return up to the thorax with the thread.


Step 6
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 6

Tie off the thread. Not necassary if you're going to continue using a tool, but I do it now as this tutorial is made in combination with a separate tutorial that will require it.


Step 7
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 7

Starting position: The back of the hook towards you and a piece of antron on each side of the hook. (For more detailed weaving instructions, which will describe also an alternative technique, see here)


Step 8
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 8

Lay the green strand over the hook shank and, through the loop that's forming, slip your tool down and bring it under the shank.


Step 9
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 9

Catch the orange strand with the tool and pull it around the green, under the shank and up through the loop.


Step 10
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 10

Tighten by stretching both strands straight out. First knot done and the colors have now switched sides.


Step 11
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 11

The same way you laid the green over to form a loop, now lay the orange UNDER the hook to form the loop, in which you bring the tool from BELOW, up ABOVE the hook and down UNDER the orange.


Step 12
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 12

Catch the green on the other side, pull it under the orange, over the shank and down through the orange loop...


Step 13
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 13

Tighten the knot. Second one done and the colors are back where they started. A little abdomen starts to take shape back there.


Step 14
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 14

Continue the same way and cover about 3/5 of the hook shank.


Step 15
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 15

Tie in the thread again (if it was tied off), tie down the antron strands and cut the waste.


Step 16
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 16

Prepare a CDC feather by doubling it. Here are two examples of tools made for this purpose, Kenneth Svensson's CDC-board (left) and Marc Petitjean's Magic Tool (right).


Step 17
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 17

Lift the feather up in a clamp of some sort and cut the stem from the barbs.


Step 18
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 18

Prepare a dubbing loop and place the barbs between the threads. Splitting the thread and placing them between the two halves works as well.


Step 19
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 19

Spin the loop and create a "CDC-hackle".


Step 20
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 20

Wrap the CDC around the rear 2/3 of the abdomen. Stroke the longer fibres backwards for each wrap.


Step 21
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 21

Tie down the loop, cut as much of the waste as possible and cover the rest with thread, shaping a tapered underbody for the thorax.


Step 22
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 22

Dub the thread sparsely.


Step 23
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 23

Cover the underbody with dubbing.


Step 24
CDC Creative Pupa - Step 24

Finish the fly with a couple of whip-finish knots.


CDC Creative Pupa - Step 25

Tasty or what??

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