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Chili Pepper
Originator: Tony Spezio
Hook: Mustad R72, #10
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, red
Weight: Gold bead 3.5mm + lead wire
Tail: Marabou, burnt orange + 8 strands of copper Krystal Flash
Body: Crystal Chenille, copper
Hackle: Rooster, brown or furnace


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Step 1
Chili Pepper - Step 1

Slide a bead onto the hook, secure it in the vise and add some lead wire for weight


Step 2
Chili Pepper - Step 2

Push the lead wire into the back of the bead and secure it with the thread. Cover the rest of the shank with thread.


Step 3
 Chili Pepper - Step 3

Tie in a tail from marabou. Cut the waste at the start of the lead wraps to avoid bumps in the underbody.


Step 4
Chili Pepper - Step 4

Take two strands of Krystal Flash, at least twice the length of the tail. Tie them in at their center point with the back ends in an angle. Fold the front ends back and secure them with the ends angled in the opposite direction. Do the same on the far side of the tail.


Step 5
Chili Pepper - Step 5

Tie in a hackle feather in the tip end and tie then also in the Crystal Chenille.


Step 6
Chili Pepper - Step 6

Make the first Crystal Chenille wrap behind the hackle feather and continue up to the bead. Secure and cut the waste. For a fatter body: Avoid tying down the flash fibres from the previous wrap by stroking them back before continuing with the next.


Step 7

Start the hackle with a full wrap and then palmer it forward. Finish with another full wrap before it's tied off just behind the bead. Make an obvious collar with the thread and whip-finish. Done...



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