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Baby Woolly Bugger
Originator: Peter Frailey
Hook: Wet fly (2X long) or streamer, #12-16
Weight: Brass bead 2,5mm, black and
thin lead wire (alt. copper wire)
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, black
Tail: Rabbit underfur
Body: Hare's Fur dubbing, black
Hackle: Hen, black


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Step 1
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 1

Slide a bead onto the hook, secure it in the vise and add some lead wire for weight


Step 2
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 2

Push the lead wire into the back of the bead and secure it with the thread.


Step 3
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 3

Tie in a tuft of hair from a rabbit zonkerstrip. Cut the waste right behind the lead wire wraps to get a smooth transition without bumps.


Step 4
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 4

Tie in a black hen hackle in the tip end.


Step 5
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 5

Dub the thread with a black dubbing of choice. Here it's Hareline Hare's Fur dubbing.


Step 6
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 6

Wrap the dubbed thread all the way up to the bead.


Step 7
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 7

Start the hackle with a full wrap and then palmer it forward. Finish with another full wrap before it's tied off just behind the bead.


Step 8
Baby Woolly Bugger - Step 8

Whip-finish behind the bead.



The baby version for the monster trout.



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