VFB Sowbug Alumni Swap 2011

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VFB Sowbug Alumni Swap 2011
Swapmeister: Jimmy D. Moore

(Patterns tied at the Sowbug Roundup show)
Redneck Muther

Jimmy D. Moore
  Pipe Cleaner Minnow

Alan Di Somma
  Bumble Bee

Allan Fish
BW Blue Damselfly

Bruce Whittle
  Buffalo Nymph

Don Ordes
  Llano Bug

Jack Lehman
Turkey Tail/Back
Sow Bug

Jerry McKaughan
  Boulder Mt. Midge

Larry Johnson
  20 Incher Stone (var.)

Michael Bliss
CDC Creative Pupa

Nick Runarsson
  Wood Duck Heron

Peggy Brenner
  Blue Parachute Beetle

Rene Zillmann
Furled Tail Mohair Leech

Rick Zieger
  Chili Demon

Tony Spezio
  Tups Indispensible

Wayne Blake-Hedges

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