Flat-Face MacApakka

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Flat-Face MacApakka

Hook: Mustad R72, #10
Thread: Gudebrod 8/0, Fl. orange
Body: SparkPlug
Wing: Deer hair
Legs: Sili Legs, orange
Eyes: Dolls Eyes, 4mm

Side view...

'SWEEEEET!!!', said the foam freak...

A lady came up to me at a show, looked at the yellow earplug hopper in my display and told me that they had earplugs in other colors at her job. She promised me to send some and I was really glad to be able to finally get a break from the (boring) yellow ones, which had been the only ones I had found. "Maybe I can make something red... or green... or even chartreuse." But when I opened the letter that arrived a couple of days later, I saw something that made my neck hairs point straight out. This wasn't the 'in other colors' that I had pictured. Nono... now we were talking EARPLUG ART!!



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